Chunky Perlite 4 Cu FT Bags - (Bradenton - Lena Rd from State Rd 70 for sale in Sarasota, Florida

Chunky Perlite 4 Cu FT Bags - $37 (Bradenton - Lena Rd
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Address:  SarasotaFlorida

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Great grow media for Hydroponics or for adding extra drainage to an existing potting mix.
Advanced Nutrients, Botanicare, General Hydroponics, Earth Juice, Hydroton, Pro-Mix, Grow Lights and so much more
Best Hydro
4920 Lena Road, Suite 105
Bradenton, FL 34211

Indoor Gardening Monday-Friday 10am-6pm
Saturday 10am-3pm
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Location: Bradenton - Lena Rd from State Rd 70

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