Guitar Amps and Pedals..vintage etc. (Winston-Salem for sale in Charlotte, North Carolina

Guitar Amps and Pedals..vintage etc. (Winston-Salem)

Great Gear, Great Prices.
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Boss DS-1 Distortion - $20- SOLD
Boss PSM-5 Power supply & Master switch - $15
Danelectro Tuna Melt Tremelo - $20
Nobels DT-1 Distortion(Like ODR-1. NICE!) - $40
Ibanez PT-9 Phaser (Vintage A+) - $85
Thomas Organ Cry Baby wah (70's vintage) - $75
Morley Auto Wah/Wah (vintage) - $60
MXR Micro Flanger (vintage) - $199
TC Electronic SCF Stereo Chorus/Pitch mod/Flanger - $160
Behringer FCB1010 Midi Foot Controller - $99
Washburn A-EQ II Graphic EQ - $15
Ibanez TS5 Tube Screamer - $45
Boss CE-1 Chorus Ensemble(rare vintage) w/ matching Roland FV-1 Foot Volume Pedal - $375
Crate VC5115 Vintage 50 Tube Amplifier (EL-84 output) - $200
Seymour Duncan 84-40 Tube Amp Combo 1-12"(EL-84 output like Vox AC30!!) $300 w/speaker or $250 w/o (I'll get pics later!)
Marshall 4010 JCM800 Amplifier(rare 1x12 w/ plexi/non master mods) $750
Location: Winston-Salem

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