Honda CBX for Sale

The Honda CBX can lay claim as one of the most iconic and valuable motorcycles in history. The vintage, steel-framed bike has a powerful motor and was exceptionally well-received, despite having a production run of only four years.

Before looking for a Honda CBX 1000 or CBX 1050 for sale, let’s take a look at what makes this classic ride so great.

Honda Motorcycle Background

Despite being an auto manufacturer, Honda didn’t start building motorcycles until 1949 — good 33 years after its founding. Since then, they have released various models, including the Super Cub, one of the most popular motorcycles of all time.

In 1978, Honda unveiled its flagship sports motorcycle, the Honda CBX. It’s also known as the Honda CBX 1000 (or Honda CBX 1050 in some regions) to prevent any confusion with their general CBX line of bikes. The CBX was, at the time, touted to be the fastest motorcycle in the world. It fell out of favor around the early ‘80s, and Honda stopped production of the CBX line altogether in 1982. The CBX-C was the last model of its kind.

Today, the Honda CBX motorcycle remains one of the most sought-after vintage motorcycles for collectors and enthusiasts. A well-maintained 1979 Honda CBX 1000 for sale can rake in thousands of dollars in the marketplace.

Standard Features of a Honda CBX for Sale

All Honda CBX 1000 for sale feature a powerful DOHC 24-valve 6-cylinder motor, the first for a Honda production road bike. The 1979 model has a power output of 105 HP at 9,000 RPM, allowing it to reach top speeds of up to 140 mph. Many consider the CBX to be bulky, with a width of 780mm.

In other respects, however, all of the 1979 Honda CBX for sale today are conventional compared to its peers. Features like twin rear shocks, a tube frame, and telescopic forks were typical for motorcycles at the time.

Other Bike Models

Other than the 1979 Honda CBX 1050 for sale, you can also purchase other later CBX models in AmericanListed. Although not as valuable as the original, the 1981 CBX-B is still a fantastic ride. It features a slightly weaker 98 HP engine. However, Honda added a mono-shock rear suspension, adjustable 39mm front forks, and a beefier frame. The 1982 CBX-C is precisely like the 1981 model, save for some aesthetic changes.

You can also consider the Honda CB900F, which managed to outsell the CBX at the time of its U.S. release in 1981.

Ready to Look for a Honda CBX for Sale?

You can browse through hundreds of listings for Honda CBX for sale, as well as other motorcycle brands, at AmericanListed. We aim to make every transaction as safe as possible with our dedicated team and security features. Take a look at our classifieds today.

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