Toyota Sunrader for Sale

If you’re looking for a little bit of vintage Americana in your next motorhome, you can’t go wrong with the Toyota Sunrader. Undoubtedly one of the most famous motorhomes of its time, it still has a loyal following to this day. The plethora of Toyota Sunrader 4x4 RV for sale ads demonstrates its popularity and reliability.

Before you check out that local Sunrader for sale, let’s first examine the history and features of this classic RV.

Toyota Sunrader 4x4 Overview

The Toyota Sunrader, especially the popular 1981 model, is the iconic American motorhome. Like most motorhomes, the Sunrader started as a Toyota pickup truck outfitted with a custom RV manufactured by the Gardner Pacific Corporation. So although Toyota is a Japanese company, all Toyota Sunrader RVs for sale in the country are technically American.

Both the 1985 4x4 Toyota Sunrader camper and the 1981 two-wheel-drive version are considered mini RVs. They feature compact yet comfortable interiors. During the ’70s and early ’80s, the Sunrader peaked in popularity as Americans started adopting the motorhome lifestyle. Production slowed down during the early ’90s. However, owing to the model’s popularity, a steady demand for listings for Toyota Sunrader for sale continues today.

Standard Features of a Toyota Sunrader for Sale

Listings for the 1985 Toyota Sunrader 4x4 for sale are either the 18-foot or 21-foot models, both of which are easy to maneuver. Regardless of the model, Sunraders have a fiberglass shell that’s both sturdy and waterproof.

Sunrader engines are typically four-cylinder (a few rare ones have a V6 engine) and can last for over 200,000 miles. They’re also known for their fuel economy; users report an average of 11 – 16 miles per gallon. With the camper’s 26-gallon tank, it can certainly go the distance.

Other Toyota RV Models

Apart from the Sunrader, several other Toyota motorhome models are available at AmericanListed. One of them is the Dolphin, which was another popular RV, especially during the 80s. They’re much more spacious and modern, with dash air-conditioning and cruise control. They also have a generous 775-pound capacity.

You could also pick the older Toyota Chinook, one of the early pioneers of American motorhomes. They’re powered by the Toyota 18R motor engine with a rear axle and half-ton chassis.

Ready to Buy a Toyota Sunrader for Sale?

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