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Hatchimals - the perfect christmas toy 2017

by Thomas published on September 28, 2017

If you're not a kid, do not have a kid, or do not know anyone with children, there is a chance you have never heard about a Hatchimal, must have a toy for Christmas this year. Permit me to present you: the Hatchimal is soccer sized plastic egg. As soon as you take it in regards to life, you can see its eyes shine throughout the shell, and hear it makes cooing sounds. Once you warm it up, move it around, and knock on the shell, the Hatchimal begins to peck its way free with its own spring loaded beak. 

And after that it asks you to play. With Hatchimals, Spin Master, the Toronto based firm behind the toys, had a surprise hit. They sold out nearly once they reached the shelves in October of this year. Smart parents smelled the oncoming trend and snagged one early. Evil geniuses, such as the Zappa brothers from Arizona, cashed in on the hype from stockpiling Hatchimals then reselling them for over $150 a pop on eBay. Evil un geniuses, like the girl who wrote Water for Elephants, wager millions of dollars on aftermarket Hatchimals in hopes of turning them for even higher prices, just to run up from the new constraints placed on the toys from resale sites. 


A PLUSH ROBOT THAT COMES TRAPPED IN A YEAR. Spin Master became one of the main players in the toy industry since its founding in the mid-'90s. On one hand, they create a blockbuster Television show tie ins and purchase up brands such as Erector Set and Etch A Sketch. On the otherhand, they build complicated toys for children including Air Hogs, a line of flying toys airplanes and helicopters, and the voice triggered Zoomers menagerie, a few of the most advanced toy robots on the industry. Hatchimals are the innovative combination of these two worlds technology along with a port and seem designed to appeal to younger children. The signature design component is the act of hatching. Some Spin Master workers who have worked on the project have stated that the entire toy was motivated by the freakish prevalence of unboxing videos for children on YouTube, kids apparently adore watching other children or adults opening new toys and playing with them, so here's a toy that may really unbox itself.

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