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Selling stuff online

by Other published on October 4, 2017

Americanlisted.com is a super good page according to me. I think it's super clever to sell your old things there for a reasonable price. Had a coffin in my room that I sold on Americanlisted.com for about $36. I have also tried to sell my sims there, but it didn't work as well. But will put them back soon and see if it's going better this time. Sold them for quite expensive price before so maybe it was just the timing that was off. Everything is also very organized on Americanlisted.com.

There are several categories so if you want to check out small dog puppies you can first press animals and then dogs. So it's very well done by Americanlisted.com. Before we found Sagas breeder we were constantly looking on Americanlisted and would check if any breeders might have posted a picture of their puppies that were for sale.

So if you want to get rid of something that you have at home. Just post an ad on Americanlisted instead of throwing it away.


Julie, a loyal customer!

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