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Why should everyone have a survive bag?

by Jani published on October 16, 2017

Bug-out bag (PDO) is a bag that contains what you need to survive 72 hours on your own. In this post I will review why you should have one, what kind of bag you should have and what it should contain.
Why should you have a PDO?
A more realistic scenario than the zombie apocalypse is evacuation as a result of natural disasters such as forest fires, flooding and hurricane storms. If you have a bag packed with food and clothes and a ready-made evacuation plan, you do not have to worry about how to handle the next few days. Hostels are much more comfortable than a tent in the woods.
What kind of bag should you use?
A backpack is preferable, ideally suited for longer walks as they are better suited both ergonomically and functionally. Although a backpack is a first choice, I've watched videos and read blogs of people who chose a traditional sports bag as their "emergency bag".

Olive green and camouflage are something to avoid, even when it comes to clothes, when you can be mistakenly pointed out as a military, which may be negative in a bug-out situation.
What do you need to survive 72 hours?
The main priority is water, food and protection and a good knife. To make it easier, I have chosen to break down the content in sections. The following list is intended as a proposal for equipment where certain things can be omitted.

Food and water
• Water bottles (filled, rotated with water layer)
• Water purification: Water filter, water purification tablets
• Food: Freezer, pasta, preserves, hot cup of coffee
• Candy: Grape sugar, chocolate etc.
• Cooking equipment: Spirit cooker, spork, casserole, thermos
• Fire: ignition, matches, lighters, cotton (waterproof!)
Protection and warmth
• Sleeping bag
• Tent
• hammock
• Tarpaulin / tarp
• Protective mask: Gas mask, hollow mask, dust mask, shemag
• Flashlights: Flashlight, headlight
• Lamps: Photogames, camping lights (battery, solar cell)
• Candle: Block light, heat light
Medical equipment and hygiene
• Insecticides
• Sunscreen
• First aid
• Painkillers
• Toothbrush toothpaste
• Personal hygiene
• toilet
• Condoms (good water tank)
• Knives: Morak knife, knife knife, multi tool
• Small ax
• Clothes change: socks, underwear, warm sweater, 
• Navigation: Map and compass
• Binoculars
• Magnifying glass and mirror
• Repair equipment: Needle and wire for easier repairs

Keep in mind that the world's best equipment is useless if you do not know how to use it and not regularly test it. Teach yourself and your family members how to make a fire with a fireplate, set up the tent and discover what's missing before you actually need to use your Bug-out bag
Please write a comment with your thoughts on what an "evacuation bag" should contain, your experience of what works, not working or why you have no bug-out bag.

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