For 5 years, we have used your web site to advertise our vacation home in Florida. We have had steady and consistent responses and found it to be the best venue for renting our property. Thank you,

George and Marcy, Orlando, FL

With web exposure, Americanlisted is a great value and provoke a steady stream of serious inquiries.

Larry McFurno, Grand Rapids, MI

My classified ad in Americanlisted pays for itself. It produces reliable renters for my San Francisco apartment who refer their friends, so the benefits multiply.

Gary Claerkson, San Francisco, CA

Americanlisted has been an integral part of our advertising since we started General IMAC Solutions, Inc. in 2009. Over the years, we have come to rely on your staff for new and innovative ways to reach our target audience. Many Thanks,

Olivia Silver, New York, NY

Thanks so very much for the excellent service and website you provide. I've listed several items within the last 2 weeks and each has sold promptly. As a resident of San Mateo I welcome you and your service to our community and congratulate you on a job well done!

Paul Kramer, San Mateo, CA

I've spent hundreds of dollars in advertising in traditional news media. I have never had the response that I've had while advertising with you. I received so many responses my first three days, that I had to restrict my ad to handle all of the responses. Thank you for the help! Sincerely

Mark, Houston, TX

Thank you! I have sold my car. Your publication worked great, thank you for your service and professionalism.

Mario L. Kruger, Austin, TX

I just wanted to let you know how thrilled I was with my listing. It was simple to complete and upload a picture... I had a call that very afternoon, and sold my canoe two days later to that same person. It couldn't have been any easier! Great! I will definitly use this service again! Thank you!

Mira, Lexington, KY

Thanks for the help. I would also like to let you guys know that I have been so impressed, pleased and excited about this Classifieds site. The help you provide is amazing. Especially Neighbor to neighbor section!!This is not the first time I have emailed regarding a site I was having trouble getting in contact with a seller. Thanks again and I cannot say enough about this site be that my own sales or purchasing items from it! I always tell everyone I know about the site. They think I'm crazy but later admit they are hooked too!!

Krista F., Tulsa, OK

I am so thankful for this service! I put two items in the classified to just test for results and wow within a few days I had sold one of the items! The other is probably not of any interest to anyone so I will donate to school. I will be using this service again and again. Thank you so much for offering this service to our community.

Annette B., Portland, OR

I would relish to keep my ads active as long as possible. Thanks again, your accommodations are working quite well for me.

Lisa, Seattle, WA

Your site was already great and you are trying to make it better! This is the best site I have found for advertising. My response rate is phenominal.

Anna Bates, Santa Fe, NM

I would like to commend your service. I enjoy your classified ad site very much. I have received a good response from you, and I always know which ad and from where. It has been invaluable to me. Thank you.

Mary Adams, Anchorage, AK

I only started advertising with you last week and I have gotten responses from 2 of my 3 listings. Of those 2 responses, 1 have ended up as sales. Thank you very much. I plan on telling all my friends and associates about you!

Diana Levin Marketing Manager, Salt Lake City, UT

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